Faith and Relationships

     Back in 2007 I had the privilege of visiting Israel and touring the spiritual headquarters of Christianity. While there, I had the experience of being baptized in the Jordan river…the same river that John the Baptist baptized people. And during those days, it was at this very place that he asked a simple yet […]

What Does Next Year Hold for You?

     This happens every twelve months…      We get to this time of the year where we begin making reference to what we’re going to do next year. Many people begin contemplating the changes that the new year will bring into their lives. What changes or improvements have you been thinking of?      For most, […]

No More Leftovers

     I’ve never shied away from leftovers…as a matter of fact, I consider myself the ‘leftover king’ in my house. I’m known to eat leftovers until they’re all gone, while my wife can only eat the same thing for a couple of days, and then she’s done with it.      Most people don’t like to […]

Life Potential

     I grew up in the meager surroundings of Brooklyn, New York. I can’t really remember having any money of my own or even an allowance. But there were those rare occasions when I had a few dollars and my father would always want to know what I was doing with what I had. Our […]

How’s Your Walk

     Growing up in Brooklyn as a kid, I did a lot of walking. My family didn’t have the financial means to have a vehicle, so it was either public transportation or walking. I enjoyed walking miles through the neighborhood and observing all that was happening. One thing that I learned as an adult was […]

Loving the Unlovable

     There’s so much going on in our world today…just turn on the news and you can hear of the tragedies that are taking place throughout our nation. Here in Texas, the town of Uvalde is mourning the deaths of nineteen elementary students and two teachers less than two weeks ago.      And just less […]

More than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling Maybe you remember or heard the unique 1967 song crafted by The Beatles, “All You Need Is Love”. It was not only a popular song but a popular saying during the 60’s anti-ware movement. Though its 55 years later, the music and the message still ring in the hearts of many […]