How good is your memory?

I remember many years ago laughing at my grandmother because she would leave one room and go into another and forget why she went into that room. Well, I’m not laughing anymore because I often experience that myself nowadays!

It’s a normal part of life to see a decrease in our ability to remember things as we get older. But there’s some things in life that we shouldn’t forget, and most of it is centered around how God has shown His power and goodness in our lives.

All throughout the scriptures we see examples of God reminding people to remember what He has done for them. Some would wonder why God would keep reminding people of this. It’s not because God has an ego, but simply because He wants His people and future generations to always remember His goodness.

With so many distractions today, it’s quite easy for us to take things for granted. So many of us forget where our blessings come from; God is not blessing us so that we can remember the blessing, but rather so that we remember where the blessings came from, and they all came from Him!

God instructed Moses in Exodus 19 to remind the Israelites what He (God) did when they were fleeing from the hands of the Egyptians, and how He rescued them from the Egyptian army through the parting of the Red Sea. God was reminding the Israelites that He was bringing them to Himself through these actions.

 Joshua was also given instructions by God after they crossed the Jordan carrying the Ark of the Covenant. In Joshua chapter 4, God tells them to set up memorials of stones.

     And God tells them why they should do this…that all the nations would know that the Lord’s hand is powerful, and that they would reverence the Lord forever. 

     And we can’t forget the account of David, which is my personal favorite. When the Israelites were threatened by the enormous Goliath in 1 Samuel chapter 17, they were afraid and had no one to fight him. But if you remember the story, David, the shepherd boy, didn’t hesitate to contend with Goliath.

     Why was David so confident about his ability to conquer someone who was twice his size and a skilled undefeated fighter? David remembered the faithfulness of God and how God gave him strength to fight off the lion and bear when they came to devour the sheep. You see, David remembered what God had done. 

     I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m in a place of uncertainty, I begin to recall the goodness of God over my life. I recall His intervention and favor in times when I was at my deepest despair. And in every situation, the recollection of His power gave me a confidence and assurance that the same God who gave me victory before, will do it again in my current situation.

     So, what weight are you carrying that consumes your heart and mind? Remember God’s goodness and power in your past, and be encouraged and expecting as he does the same for your current situation and in the future! Remember to remember.

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