How’s Your Walk

     Growing up in Brooklyn as a kid, I did a lot of walking. My family didn’t have the financial means to have a vehicle, so it was either public transportation or walking. I enjoyed walking miles through the neighborhood and observing all that was happening. One thing that I learned as an adult was that walking requires consistency…one foot in front of the other.

     You may have heard Christians talk about their ‘walk with God’, or some may refer to it as a journey. Scripture has much to say about how we walk as it relates to our fellowship with God. The Apostle John writes to Believers and explains about their fellowship with God. He stated in verse 6 of 1 John 1, “If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.”

     True fellowship with God is identified by how we walk…not our physical walk, but how we live our lives day to day. Fellowship with God is confirmed when we walk in the light; it’s the litmus test for our fellowship with God. Walking in the light is living our lives in a manner that is the best reflection of Christ.

     Notice that he mentions fellowship, not salvation. Many may confuse John’s words to mean that we are not saved or not children of God. But fellowship is different than salvation; fellowship is a living, breathing, sharing, loving relationship with another person due to sharing a common life.

     Some may think that going to church or simply believing that God exists means that they’re in good fellowship with God. But John reminds us that it’s possible to think that we have fellowship with Him, but we really don’t. Again, John is speaking of fellowship, not salvation.

     You can probably relate to this if you’re married. A husband and wife can be married but not on good terms with one another. It doesn’t mean they’re no longer married, it just means they’re not in fellowship with one another, and it’s the same thing with Christ.

     Here’s a key word that we should be aware of in verse 6…it’s the word ‘walk’. John’s use of the word ‘walk’ indicates a lifestyle of continual action and progress. So walking in the light and walking in darkness reflect totally opposite patterns of living…one is reflects God while the other doesn’t.

     But when we walk in the light, we’re living our lives in such a way that allows God’s holiness to expose all of the ways about us that are not like Him. That’s the purpose of light, to expose what’s in the dark. So, when we say or think ‘That’s just the way I am and I’m not changing’, we’re not walking in the light.

     So, what does your walk look like? If your walk doesn’t reflect Christ, you can start today with re-establishing true fellowship with Him.

        Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed!  

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