Life Potential

     I grew up in the meager surroundings of Brooklyn, New York. I can’t really remember having any money of my own or even an allowance. But there were those rare occasions when I had a few dollars and my father would always want to know what I was doing with what I had. Our heavenly Father is no different.

     Many of us have heard or read the Parable of the Ten Minas found in Luke chapter 19. Whenever we think of it, we think of it as a story that’s teaching us to manage our possessions, whether materially or financially. But that’s not the essence of Jesus’s lesson…His intention is to teach us to be good stewards over our life potential.

     What is life potential? Good question…it’s the potential that God has given every person based on their time, talent, and treasure. I know we don’t all have the same time on this earth, or the same gifts and skills, nor the same measure of money, but we all do have these three things: time, talent, and treasure.

     In the parable, Jesus gives the three servants ten minas each and tells them to do business until He returns. And as the story goes, each servant produces a different amount when the master returns; one produces ten additional minas, another produces five additional minas, and the third servant doesn’t produce any additional minas at all.

     The interesting thing is Jesus’s response to the servants. He congratulates the first two servants for a job well done in managing their minas and producing more. But He was angered by the third servant who produced nothing with what the Master entrusted him with.

     God has entrusted you and I with minas…time, talent, and treasure…it’s called our life potential. Everyone has life potential…some have more than others, but we all have potential. Can I ask you a question…what are you doing with yours?

     Jesus specifically tells the servants to put the money to work until He returns. Notice He says to put it to work, He didn’t say save it. God has given each of us life potential to put to good use for His kingdom until He returns…and yes, He will return.

     And we cannot negate the fact that we will be held accountable by God for what He entrusted us with. Jesus doesn’t evaluate us according to what someone else does, He evaluates us against the opportunity He has given us. So, you’ll never have to look at what someone else has or what someone else does…Jesus is not evaluating you based on them, He’s evaluating you based on what He has given to you, and to you alone.

     So, here’s the question we should be asking ourselves, “What kind of business will you do with what Jesus gave you?” And if your answer to that question isn’t sufficient, then, while we still have time, we need to get busy being productive with the life potential God has given to us for His kingdom.

        Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed!    

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