Loving the Unlovable

     There’s so much going on in our world today…just turn on the news and you can hear of the tragedies that are taking place throughout our nation. Here in Texas, the town of Uvalde is mourning the deaths of nineteen elementary students and two teachers less than two weeks ago.

     And just less than a week ago, four people were killed in a hospital in Tulsa Oklahoma after a gunman fired inside. My mother, who resides in New York, tells me daily of the numerous shootings and stabbings that take place not far from where she lives. Just yesterday she informed me of a person who was shot and killed in front of the apartment building I was raised in.

     The message of ‘loving one another’ may be a hard message to swallow during these times. For many, the natural reaction is to feel a sense of hatred towards the suspects in these events, while we sympathize with the victims. But regardless of what we see or experience, God’s message of loving one another remains unchanged.

     The Apostle John wrote in 1 John chapter 2 that the command to love is an old command that we’ve had from the beginning. Notice that he states that it’s a command, not an option. And he writes to the Believers of that time from the perspective that they should know this by now.

     Every Believer must know in our heads and hearts to love one another. We must stop hating one another because we look different, speak different, vote different, or believe different. The command is simple yet complex, that we love as Jesus loved us.

     There’s no place for Christians hating others…it’s absolutely unacceptable. We must learn to separate the action from the person; we can hate the actions of another, while treating and loving them through the eyes of Christ. It may be challenging at times, but God has given you the power of His Spirit to do so.

     Now that’s a huge task, to love like Jesus loved. But just remember that when we came to Christ, that God’s love was poured into our hearts (Romans 5:5). It’s the power of the Spirit the floods our hearts with the expressions of God’s love. And as we grow with the Lord, the love that has been lavished upon us should overflow into the lives of others.

     We often find ourselves trying to love the unlovable with our own love. In other words, we try to love within the limits of our own measure and ability of love. But to love that which seems unlovable, we must love them with the love of Christ. It is only His love that is endless and His mercies new every day.

     Who is it in your heart that you struggle to love? Who rose to the top of your mind while you were reading this article? Repent, and submit yourself to the Lord and allow the love He has shown you to flow over into the lives of others.

   Stay safe, stay healthy, and be blessed!    

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