Rick Wood serves as the Pastor at The Pursuit. He has a great love for God and a passion to see people grow in their faith.
Born and raised in the very humble surroundings of Brooklyn, New York, he has served many years in the military where his travels have taken him to numerous locations including overseas.
His more than three decades of ministry experience include planting a church in Japan in 1988, one in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1995 and now here in Texas. His ministry time in Hawaii has allowed him to oversee the entire Pacific region, which consisted of churches in Saipan, Tinian and the early stages of a new church in Guam. He has served as a Deacon, Elder, Associate/Assistant Pastor, Senior Pastor and as a conference speaker for numerous events. He has an immense fervor for spiritual leadership and has been called upon to encourage and assist in developing ministry leaders in various churches.
Pastor Rick deploys a servant-leader style of leadership. One of his favorite bible verses is Matthew 20:26-28…the latter part which reads “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for many.” He is adamant about challenging people in their faith and teaching the scriptures in a very simple, exciting and applicable way. His teaching will touch your head, your heart and your funny-bone all at the same time!
Rick is a graduate of Liberty University and Masters International University of Divinity. He enjoys a good book, a good movie and a good game of racquetball. He is married to Tess, his beautiful bride of over 34 years. Together God has used them to assist numerous couples with the challenges of marriage. They have three adult children (Tavane, Rhickie and Keisha)…all of them actively serve in their gifted area of ministry at The Pursuit along with their families.