Right Things Begin With You

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article-pic Right Things Begin With You

It was three decades ago when I first saw the woman who is now my wife. I’ll
have to admit that I was in awe when I saw her…and even though I knew
absolutely nothing about her, she was captivating in a way that I could not
explain. As shy and introverted as I was, I made a choice (and a good one I
might add), to pursue her…I wanted to know everything there was to know
about her.

We all have a lot of ‘wants’ in our lives…as a matter of fact, our hearts are filled with so many wants that we could probably never have them all filled. Just imagine someone giving you the opportunity to have whatever you want…you probably wouldn’t know where to begin! That’s because, in many cases, our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. In other words, we think or feel that there are many things that we want or even need, but later find that we really don’t want or need those things as much as we thought. I find this to be true during Christmas time…children beg and plead for things that they want, only to find those things buried in a closet a month later.

The scriptures tell the story of a man who had a want…a big want; he had been sick for thirty-eight years. He was amongst a crowd of sick people who laid around a pool where healing would take place from time to time. Simply, whoever got into the pool first when the water was stirred would be healed. This sounds easy enough, but obviously it wasn’t because Jesus asked this man a very pivotal question at the end of John 5:6. Jesus asked him, “Do you want to get well?” On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a very smart question that was asked by Jesus. Many of us would obviously agree that being sick for thirty-eight years is an extremely long time, and the man’s presence at the healing pool was an apparent indication of his desire to be well. But Jesus learned that this man had been lying there in the same condition for a very long time. Why was this man not yet healed?

When Jesus asked the question “Do you want to get well?”, He asked it for a reason. Better put, Jesus was asking “Do you want to change your situation?” Maybe there was something about this man that Jesus either saw outwardly or inwardly that caused him to ask the question. Yes, the man was in the place to be healed, yet he was still sick. Did he really want to get well? In other words, was there an authentic desire in his mind and heart to get well, or had he sadly positioned himself amongst other sick people and subconsciously become comfortable in his state of being? Did he really want his situation to change?

I find the state of this man like many of us today…there’s something we want to accomplish, but not really doing all that we can to see it to fruition. We’ve been in our current unwanted state for a long period of time with no change. Maybe we have the right resources and are surrounded with the right people, but there’s something within that is hindering us from being in the place or state that God desires us to be. Maybe it’s to be in a better financial state, better physical condition or most importantly, better relationship with God. Whatever it is, are you doing all that you could possibly do to change your situation? What’s hindering you, because Jesus is asking you the same question He asked the sick man in John chapter 5, “Do you truly want to change your situation?” Jesus is here to help you just as He did the sick man.

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