Small Things

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My dad was a drum and bugle corps fan. I remember as a child going with him to witness competition between bands…anyone who has seen the movie ‘Drumline’ knows what this is like. There came a time when my dad wanted to start a small drum line with myself and some neighborhood boys. We were all excited to get some uniforms and begin receiving drum lessons so that we could play like the professionals. When our instructor arrived, he taught us a very simple routine that only required us to hit the practice pad twice, and we were to practice that routine all week long. Needless to say we were disappointed, as we were expecting to learn the routines that would dazzle the audience.

The Bible tells us that David was a shepherd boy with no idea that he would be king of Israel. He didn’t realize his potential, but God did. While David’s brothers were all being looked at to be the next possible king, David was in a distant place with the sheep…he was being faithful to the simple menial task that was set before him. Many of us have great potential and passion to do enormous things for God, but we often despise the small tasks that God has already given us, while expecting God to give us more. David had a heart for God, but we also see the character of his faithfulness in action through the small thing…the tending of the sheep. As much as we wanted to amaze the crowd with our smooth drumming sounds, we failed to realize that it was the practice and faithfulness of the simple hand movements that would posture us and build a foundation for the professional skills of the future.

Jesus tells the story of the talents in Matthew 25. He tells how the master distributed various amounts of wealth to different servants. But the master compliments and rewards one particular servant in verse 23 saying, ““…Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!” Did you notice something? The master called him a ‘good and faithful’ servant. The servant took care of what the master gave him and increased it. And as a result, the master rewarded him with being in charge of many things.

Not only was there an increase in the servant’s responsibilities, but we see a couple of other principles that are applicable to our lives. First we see that the master was looking for these character qualities (good and faithful) and not looking for the amount of money that was produced. We often get caught up in wanting to do something impressive that everyone desires to see, rather than being good and faithful over something that not many people will observe. Secondly, the servant is told to share in the master’s happiness. In other words, there’s a sense of joy from the master concerning the faithfulness of his servants.

Here’s the point…we must remember to focus on executing the small things. God has something planned for us that we could not imagine, and He wants us to do greater things. But God often waits to open the door of opportunity for us when He sees that we’re good stewards over that which He has already given us. Look around for the ‘small things’ in your life that you haven’t handled very well, change your action toward it and watch God open the doors of opportunity for you to grow and succeed beyond imagination!

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