Volume 1 / Issue 1

Hello Pursuit Family!  We’d like to thank the leadership team and ministry workers at The Pursuit for establishing this quarterly newsletter. It’s a great way to help keep communication and connection within our church. This is just one of the many progressive changes for 2017!

We’re so grateful to God for His work through us in 2016…baptisms, people accepting Christ, community outreach and all of the other things that helped to establish and formalize our church. All of this would not be possible without God and you! So we’re not only grateful to the Lord, but to you for your prayers and participation to help make ministry possible. We’ve had several transitions in 2016…all of which are a part of a young and establishing church. Even the things that the enemy meant to disappoint us, has only proved to make us stronger.

So what’s in store for 2017? We’re glad you asked! This year we decided to have a theme that would help us focus on, not only our goals, but more importantly the direction in which we believe God is leading us. With much thought, prayer and discussion, our theme for 2017 is: Reach, Excel, Expand. Over the next few weeks you’ll hear sermons that speak to each one of these areas and hopefully you’ll be encouraged to apply the personal and corporate aspects of these principles from a biblical perspective.

We’re overly excited about what 2017 has in store for us! Part of the ‘Excel’ portion of our theme is the rethinking and revamping of some areas of our church, so get ready for change! We ask that you pray with and for us as we do our best to work through the various areas of ministry so that God will be glorified and His people will be benefitted. And we highly encourage you to not just sit back on the sidelines and watch, but that this year you take the extra step of faith and get your hands dirty with doing ministry in a greater sense than you did in 2016.

My prayer is that 2017 will be unlke any other year in your life as you pursue God and see what He has in store for you. And together, let’s allow God to use us, as a church family, for His glory and honor!


Rick Wood

 Meet our Department Heads:

Worship Leader: Rhickie Wood

Rhickie not only leads the worship team here at Pursuit Christian Fellowship, but he enjoys it! He believes that worship is a time that is intentional and is an act of showing Christ our gratitude and love for Him. Growing up, Rhickie has always been a part of a worship team wherever he served at. He’s started playing the drums and has allowed God to use him in different areas of worship where he expanded to learning new ideas, instruments, and the true heart of worship through leading the worship team. Rhickie started leading The Pursuit in worship from day one when the church had open their doors. It was something that he never thought would happen, but through being submissive to The Lord and letting Him use and guide him, he’s grown into loving what he does.

Rhickie graduated from Dallas Baptist University with a degree in psychology. He’s married to his beautiful wife Ashley Wood. Aside from music, Rhickie enjoys sports and getting together with friends and family. He believes that God has great things in store for The Pursuit Worship team and is looking forward to what God has in store for them!

“It wasn’t until I started leading worship for our church, when I realized the true heart of worship.”

Finance Leader: Leon Marshall

Pastor Leon Marshall is an ordained minister, speaker, teacher, administrator and most importantly a believer of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  He has held many positions within the body of Christ, such as Church Administrator, Youth Director, Board Director, Armor Bearer and Liaison for the Bishop as well as various other positions.  Pastor Marshall was born and raised in Miami, Florida and moved to Dallas, Texas in July of 2015.  He is married to the beautiful Cassandra Marshall and has three beautiful girls, Telisha, Angela and Yolanda.


Children’s Ministry Leader:  Tavane Wood

“What a blessing to serve in a friendly-knit environment! My name is Tavane Wood and The Pursuit is my home, and Pursuit Kids is my heart. I am a daughter, sister, and servant. With great passion, I look forward to serving and catering to Pursuit Kids with lots of love, safety, and encouragement. In my free time, I enjoy a good suspense movie, outdoor excursions and advocating for adults and children with Special Needs. I am excited to work hand in hand in 2017 with a wonderful dream team of teachers!”


SPOTLIGHT MINISTRY:  Prevail Student Ministry

Pastor Zach Vertz


Who Are We?                                            




Prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.

Romans 8:37 (ESV)

“No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”

The heartbeat of Prevail is: More than conquers through Him.

According to the Bible, the children of God are a perpetually victorious people. We can’t always see it. We don’t always feel it. We don’t always live like it. However, it’s true nonetheless.

In Romans 8:37, Paul uses the phrase
“more than conquerors”. It refers to those who “gain a surpassing victory.”
It means, “To be completely victorious; to carry away an overwhelming victory.” It literally has the idea of us being “super-conquerors”. The Bible says that this is the reality of any person who is in Christ.
Prevail Student Ministries prayer is that we would accept by faith the promises of God concerning the victory we have in Jesus. Our mission is to live out that victory everyday, despite how things may look to us, or how we feel about our circumstances. We believe that if we are living as

conquerors through Him, all else will fall into place. We will be able to love others as Christ would; endure the trials of life with joy; and with genuine passion, share these truths with others

to fulfill the Great Commission.



Develop Student Leaders

It is our greatest desire that each of our students feel they are loved and an integral part of Prevail. God has uniquely gifted each one of our students. Our hope is that our students begin to grasp God’s love for them and His desire to use them.


We desire there to be a sense of camaraderie and “tightness” between our students. We are putting together many “connect events” as well as winter and summer camps for the sole purpose of building friendships while at the same time deepening their walk with God.

Increased Attendance

It is our desire to not only see students get plugged into our Wednesday night service but to also get plugged into the Pursuit Christian Fellowship as a whole. This means our students attending Bible study, Prayer, Church events as well as attend Sunday morning worship. We want students to be members of The Pursuit Christian Fellowship not just attendees on Wednesday nights.

Service Projects

Matthew 20:28, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

We believe that a healthy faith is a serving faith. As the body of Christ we look for opportunities to serve those around us therefore we are going to provide several opportunities for our students to focus their eyes outwards in a variety of ways this year.


There is a disturbing trend occurring in churches today. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 young people who attend youth church throughout high school leave the faith within their second year of college. We believe that one of the reasons for this is the lack of true discipleship. Our desire is for our students to grasp what a true, unwavering faith looks like.