Why We Need Christmas

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article-pic Why we need Christmas

It wasn’t until the last moment that I realized this would be the last article published before Christmas, so I felt it was only fitting that our hearts are stirred in a way that brings great meaning to the holiday that many of us will soon enjoy celebrating…Christmas!

It’s during this time of the year that we read and hear about the various things that Christmas means to people. It’s often cute to hear how children perceive Christmas, and how they describe what the holiday means to them. The answers are almost always about gifts, toys and Christmas trees. And even among adults, they often express their meaning of Christmas as peace, giving, family, snow and unity. I recently attended a Christmas concert where members of the band had the opportunity to express what Christmas meant to each of them. Just about all of the answers were similar. I think, without a doubt, that most of us have grown up enjoying many of the same things that people often relate to Christmas.

But what does Christmas really mean and why should we celebrate it? Yes, we all have our own parts of the holiday that make Christmas special to us, but what is the real purpose of it? It’s one thing to hear what Christmas means to a person, but it’s another thing to understand its true meaning and importance. Scripture provides us with an in-depth yet simple expression of Christmas. We all know the Christmas story…Mary was pregnant with Jesus even though she had not known a man. And an angel of the Lord had informed her husband Joseph of this unusual happening. But even more importantly, we find that the scriptures plainly tell us the whole purpose of Christmas. Though we all enjoy the many things that come along with celebrating the holiday, I find it imperative for us to remember the true meaning of the celebration, understand its importance and ensure that we teach future generations of its authentic meaning.

The gospel of Matthew, chapter 1 states the purpose of why we should be celebrating…it’s found in verse 21. The angel of the Lord says, “And she will have a son, and you are to name him Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” His name (Jesus) is representative of what He is to us…salvation. It’s so easy to quickly read over those words because it may seem like common knowledge to some or others may not comprehend the depth of what it means to be ‘saved from their sin.’ That’s what the birth of Jesus is all about…to fulfill the purpose of saving us from our sins.

The bottom line is that we NEEDED Christmas! Not because of the memories, gifts and family dinners, but because of the unmatched expression of God’s love towards mankind. Jesus came to be with us so that he would save us from our sins…He would give us life and save us from eternal death. Now maybe we know that subconsciously because we’ve heard it before, but I think many of us don’t fully understand the depth of what God did for us. God sent his only Son to be with us so that He (Jesus) would save us from our sins. We may not think much of our sin, but God does. Sin is the entity that separated us from God. So without Jesus coming with the purpose of saving us, we would all live an eternity away from God. Jesus came that he would save us from the penalty and power of sin. That’s why need CHRISTmas so much!

So as you enjoy your celebration of Christmas this year…as you surround yourself with family and friends…as you decorate your home and place gifts under the tree, take some time to reflect and thank God for sending Jesus. And most of all, ask yourself if you have committed yourself to following Christ, so that you may enjoy the great purpose for which He came…to save us from our sins. Being saved from our sin is done very simply…we must first acknowledge that we are sinners, we must then acknowledge Jesus Christ as the way out of eternal sin and death, and then acknowledge Jesus as your savior. If you are not a child of God by simple faith in the work Jesus did for us on the cross, wouldn’t this be a perfect time to take advantage of what CHRISTmas is all about?

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